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Wick Drains

Wick Drains are used to accelerate the consolidation of fine-grained soils to expedite construction and limit long-term settlement.

Wick Drains consist of a plastic core wrapped in geotextile fabric that act as a drainage path and evacuate pore water from soft, compressible soils to induce consolidation and settlement. Menard has developed its own range of vertical Wick Drain installation equipment to meet a wide variety of soil and site conditions. The company uses static and vibratory methods t o install Wick Drains and has considerable experience in penetrating difficult surface layers including preaugering through stiff clays and special downhill drilling to penetrate rubble, concrete, slag and other types of fill. Menard has angled Wick Drains up to 30 degrees and installed Wick Drains in low head room areas.

Advantages of Wick Drains:

  • Accelerates the consolidation of fine-grained soils
  • Strengthens underlying soil to accommodate superimposed loads
  • Limits long-term settlement