Celebrating 20 Years of Controlled Modulus Column (CMC)® Rigid Inclusions in North America!

Owners, contractors, developers, engineers, and architects know that ground improvement is becoming the preferred approach to taming sites with poor soils over traditional approaches like removal and replacement or piling.  Ground improvement is typically more economical, reliable, efficient, and sustainable than traditional approaches.

Controlled Modulus Column (CMC)® rigid inclusions are grouted columns formed using specially-designed tooling that displaces soil laterally, producing very little spoil. As the auger is extracted, a column of cement-based grout is formed.

CMCs were developed by Menard’s French affiliate, Menard Soltraitement, in 1994 and were patented in the US in 1999. Menard’s first CMC project in the USA was in 2004 for the support of a Lowe’s in South Burlington, Vermont.  Since that time, with the industry-wide acceptance of CMC, the technique is now generically referred to as rigid inclusions.


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Menard is a world-leading geotechnical contractor that excels when ground conditions are most challenging. With offices across North America, our local crews mobilize quickly and efficiently to install skillfully-engineered solutions for our clients.

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      What Our Clients Are Saying About Us…

“We have worked with other ground improvement contractors in the past and Menard stood head and shoulders above the others in terms of communication and project execution. We look forward to working with Menard again.”

Chris Sandusky, Senior Project Manager, Woda Cooper Companies, Inc.

“We worked with Menard on an extremely large rigid inclusion project. It was very much a partnership with Menard from the beginning of the project until the end – a true team experience.”

Mark Kunst, The Conlan Company

“Menard is the best in the business, they excel at coming up with the most cost effective solutions, particularly for large warehouses and distribution centers on poor soils.”

Marc W. Baumann, Project Manager, Greek Development

“I have found that Menard’s ground improvement systems provide a less expensive alternative to deep foundations. Working with Menard, our designs have become more efficient both by enabling the structural engineer to utilize a simpler design of spread footings and reducing the time we spend on the project, and by reducing material quantities and construction costs for the overall foundation system.”

Tony L. Moscollic, P.E., President, Keystone Structural Solutions