In the evolving landscape of ground improvement solutions, working with new and innovative technologies presents distinct challenges to project teams. When implementing these technologies, it is important to develop a clear vision of process and scope division between the many moving parts of the design and construction entities. While Controlled Modulus Columns (CMC)® rigid inclusions are not a new technology, many engineers and contractors have yet to encounter this technique on their projects. It is common to find project teams in a position where they have recognized CMC rigid inclusions as the most appropriate technical and economic solution, yet from a design and planning standpoint, they may not be sure how to best implement the technique. This can render the division of scope within the project team clouded and risky. Industry guidance is often necessary to ensure that engineers and contractors understand how to schedule the engineering and construction of the CMC rigid inclusion system and plan for appropriate site preparation to avoid potential construction conflicts. General contractors should understand how to accommodate the site support required by Menard as the CMC rigid inclusion specialty design-build subcontractor, and recognize some of the special construction considerations that are distinctive of the CMC rigid inclusion technology.
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