Menard USA provides ground improvement solutions for all types of process and energy projects.

Your Challenges

The process and energy sector consists of a wide range of structures that are often very heavy and sensitive to settlement. When foundations are built on compressible soils, careful consideration must be taken during design and execution to ensure the safe operation of the structures within the facility. Working at power plants, storage terminals, refineries, and processing plants poses specific safety challenges to visiting contractors such as working amidst ongoing operations, working near hazardous and flammable materials, and the risk of contacting live electrical sources.

Our Solutions

Menard USA’s safety program and training is best-in-class.  Our crews and project teams are up for the challenges associated with working at active energy and process facilities.

At these facilities, the most cost-effective foundation solutions generally call for a combination of ground improvement techniques suited to the structure, loads, and geotechnical conditions. These solutions make it possible to:

  • support heavy uniform loads (water, oil and petroleum storage)
  • support individual loads (pipeline supports, industrial equipment)
  • support dynamic loads (oscillations, vibrating machinery, seismic loadings)
  • reduce total and differential settlement of structures
  • reduce the risk of soil liquefaction.

These types of projects call for a sound knowledge of the constraints and specifications of each structure to be supported and familiarity with the potential coordination issues which could arise during the various stages of the project from concept to handover.


Heavy process, powerplants, generating stations, support buildings

Waste Management Centers

Waste storage, landfills, incinerators, recycling facilities

Oil & Gas Terminals

LNG terminals, refineries, oil and gas terminals

Storage Tanks

Oil and gas, fertilizer, agricultural, construction materials

Hydraulic Process

Sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants, desalination plants

Mines & Quarry Backfill

Mine backfill, void filling, gravel pits, mine tailings

Polluted Sites

Soil remediation, hazardous waste, brownfields

Wind Turbines

On-shore wind turbines, small to large in size


Wind Turbines

  • On-shore or off-shore,
  • Small to big size

Waste Recycling Centers

  • Waste storage,
  • Landfills,
  • Incinerators


  • Heavy process,
  • Powerplants,
  • Generator buildings

Polluted Sites

  • Soil remediation,
  • Hazardous waste,
  • Brownfield

Mines and Quarry Backfill

  • Mine backfill,
  • Void filling,
  • Gravel pits

Hydraulic Process

  • Sewage treatment plants,
  • Water treatment plants,
  • Desalination plants

Storage Tanks

  • Oil & gas,
  • Fertilizer,
  • Food,
  • Construction materials

Oil & Gas Terminals

  • LNG terminal,
  • Refinery,
  • Oil & gas terminal

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