From a suburban road or railway to a bridge over a major highway or river, Menard USA masters a full range of ground improvement solutions to complete your road or rail project sooner than expected while saving money. 

Your Challenges

Transport infrastructures – roads and railway systems – are frequently built in areas where the ground is highly compressible, such as swamps and marshes. In these cases, it is necessary to consolidate or reinforce the soft underlying soils to prevent the failure of embankment fills and to minimize the long-term settlement of roadways.  Road and rail projects pose specific challenges in terms of working near existing traffic in limited access areas, and relocating between multiple work areas

Our Solutions

Road and Rail projects require simultaneous management of multiple sites along the alignment and can often involve the use of a variety of solutions to meet the wide-ranging geotechnical conditions or risk/hazards and specific constraints of the terrain. To ensure the long-term integrity of the infrastructures and the safety of the vehicles using them, it is essential that these areas are treated to reduce and control primary, secondary and differential settlements. Where significant heights of fill are placed along the alignment the underlying ground can be prone to excessive settlement.  These critical areas generally require more extensive treatment and careful management of interfaces between structure types and within areas of differing fill heights.


Railway embankments, tramways, railway stations, intermodal facilities


Viaducts, flyovers and underpasses, bridge approaches, footbridges, bridge abutments, box culverts, underpasses

Roads & Highways

Road and highway embankments, slopes, Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) walls



  • Viaducts,
  • Flyovers and overpasses,
  • Bridge approach,
  • Footbridges,
  • Bridge abutments,
  • Box culvert underpasses


  • Railway embankments,
  • Tramways,
  • Railway stations

Roads and Highways

  • Road and highway embankments,
  • Slope stabilization

Other Sectors

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